26 June 2010

High School Crossover

{~{Role Play created with}~{Furisca D'Fynn}~{Devil Reeves}~}

Setari sat up with a jolt as her alarm clock began to beep loudly in her ear. Unfortunately, she forgot she was on the top bed of a bunk-bed and hit her head on the cieling. 'OUCH!'

Devil turned over and covered her head with her pillow. "Turn off that alarm off, damnit!" she yelled, trying to block out as much noise as possible and get back to sleep.

Furisca let out a loud snore as she slept through this chaos. It wasn't until she woke up at her own accourd to find a foot in her face. "Whaaa? ..DEVIL! YOUR FOOT STINKS!"

Setari winced and rubbed the sore spot on her head. 'Owowow' She mumbled and she crawled out of her bed... and fell to the floor. 'OW!' She screeched and she landed painfully on her back. 'This is not my day' She groaned, pushing herself to her feet and stumbling to the mini-fridge. 'Ah.' Setari sighed happily, pulling out Irn Bru! Of course, today being a bad day for her, when she opened it, it fizzed everywhere. 'AAH~!' Setari yelped, holding the offending bottle (still covered in fizz) at arms length. 'DAMNIT!'

'SHUT UP!!! Setari looked behind her at the annoyed pink-haired girl. 'Ah, uh, gomen, Sakura.' Setari offered an apologetic smile, praying Sakura wasn't about to hit her.


Ok, reminder; praying doesn't work.

Devil sighed and sat up. Ok. Now she was awake. So much for a lie in. She needed the extra rest - what with the amount of chores Urahara got her doing at her job after school.

Setari sighed, feeling miserable, and took a sip of Irn Bru. 'It always tastes worse if it fizzes a lot first' She mumbled as she grabbed her uniform and headed to the showers.

Furry sighed and rose like a zombie. "Hitting and shouting already?" She got up and went to the fridge. "Oohayo, Okaa-san"

Devil swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood up, walking into the bathroom attatched to the dorm before anyone else could get there, taking a cereal bar with her. God did she hate having to wait for everyone to use the bathroom before her.

'Ohayo' Setari mumbled as she walked towards the bathroom, and... straight into a closed door. 'Damn you, Devil!' Setari moaned as she flopped onto the floor. 'That's not fair! You're not the one covered in Irn Bru! I'll be attracting wasps all day if I can't shower!' She whinged.

Furry laughed. She called out. "I've got to go shopping again for food, that shower better be free when im back!"

Devil smirked to herself. Damnit, she was so tempted to leave the bathroom door locked and climb out the window when she was done in the bathroom...She sighed and showered as quickly as she could, getting dressed into her uniform before brushing her teeth and leaving the bathroom.

"All yours, Tari." she beamed, walking over to the small desk at the edge of the room and sorted out her hair.

Setari sighed in relief and quickly got a shower. This included slipping and banging her head, having the water suddenly go cold in the middle of her shower, and her shampoo running out. She came out in her uniform, clean, but miserable. 'This has got to be the worst day of my life'

After she'd put her eyeliner on and straightened her hair, Devil hugged Setari quickly.

"Don't worry. Just... got any good luck charms?" she laughed gently. "You might need them." She paused in thought for a moment, walking to the side of her bed. "I'm not helping, am I?" she asked slightly appologetically as she picked up her mobile. She opened the text she'd just gotten and read it quickly.

She muttered something to herself and snapped her phone shut. "I've gotta stay late at work tonight. I'll be back around...8 or 9?" she told Tari.

'No, you're not' Setari grumbled. 'and fine...' She glanced at her timetable, which was pinned onto a cork board beside her bunk bed. 'Oh, great. PE first thing!' She groaned. 'I'm going to die!' She wailed. Then she brightened a little. 'At least I've got Martial Arts club at lunch'

"Ok. Just...try not to sprain your ankle or break your neck." Devil smirked. Ok. She'd shut up now. She didn't want to jinx it, after all. She sat down on her bed, kicking her PE kit out from underneath it and sighing. Yeah, PE sucked. Especially first thing in the morning.

'Oh, no...' Setari groaned. 'We have science!!! With that FREAK!' She covered her face. 'I swear he actually wants us to blow ourselves up in chemisty!'

Suddenly the door slamed. "I'M BACK, WITH BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER!" Every one or two days they had to go shopping for food. Furry did it all to wake herself up and no one else realyl offered but she didnt mind.

She placed it on the counter and got out a packet of miso. As she stretched her arm, she got a whiff herself, reminding how much she needed a wash. "Er...food!"

Setari groaned. 'Ugh, well I'm off to PE, might as well not be late. You know what Gai-sensei thinks of people being late' She sighed and trudged out of the door, only to walk smack bang into someone...

'Please watch where you are walking, Setari-san'

Setari eeped and jumped back. 'Ah, S-sumimasen, Gaara-kun!' She squeaked. Gaara shot a confused look at her, before walking off. Setari sighed. 'Definately not my day.' She grumbled.

Furry sighed and walked out of the door. Trudged really. "BYE EVERYONE! SEE YOU AT SCHOOL, WORK HARD!" With a belch, she left.

She sighed again when she walked through the hall. 'Lots of faces... all but blank to me...' She walked on and saw Gaara-kun and Setari up ahead. She watched Gaara-kun give her a confused look before he walked off. 'Poor Kaasan... Every guy they like has to be an idiot who dosn't notice them...' She stepped into her favoruite class, English.

Jiraiya maybe a pervert, but he was funny as hell. They would always argue on why gay porn is better than straight or the other way.

Queitly of course.

Devil was the last to leave the dorm. She turned and began to head down to the PE block. "Shit!" she hissed to herself when she shut the door behind her and realised she hadn't picked up her PE kit off the floor. "...SHIT!" she shouted when she realised she'd left her key on the table in the dorm as well, and that the door had locked itself. "Godamnit! Tari's bad luck's infected me!" she said to herself.

Sighing, she ran outside and to the front of the school and stared up at the open window of her dorm. She glanced at the drainpipe that was fixed against the wall and pulled herself up, climbing as carefully as she could until she reached the dorm window. She didn't dare look down, just gripped onto the windowframe firmly and hauled herself inside, instinctively wincing and falling to the floor when he nails scrapped against some of the metal outside.

Jiraiya and Furry were once again, quietly, arguing what was best.

"But it is more unique!"

"To take it up the ass?! It's disturbing!"

"You are so traditional!"

"No im not! Agree with me, or detention!"

"Don't try that on me-"

"Sir! I need help"

With a last glare at each other, Furry was able to get on with her work and Jiraiya was able to help with whatever task he forgot he set them.

Devil grabbed her PE kit, silently celebrating, before grabbing her key and ran down to the PE block. She got changed in the changing rooms as quick as she could - after everyone had gone to the sports hall for their lesson already - and sprinted over to join them, bursting into the room.

Setari chuckled when Devil burst into the Gym late. 'And why, my youthful student, are you late?!' Gai bellowed.

Setari sighed. This was why she didn't want to be late.

Furry was writing stories, before, well...

When a girl's gotta go, a girl's gotta go. She raised her hand. "Sir, can I go to the toilet, un-supervivsed?"

Ignoring the comment he waved a hand at her. Taking this as a sign of 'whatever', as in 'yes', she got up, walked out of the door, and down the hall towards the tolites.

"I... ur... I got locked out of my dorm and forgot my PE kit." Devil told him honestly. "Sorry." she added, sweat-dropping.

'I'm glad you are not picking up bad habits from my Eternal Rival!' Gai said.

Setari huffed, blowing her fringe away from her eyes. 'Here we go again' She mumbled.

After a rant about youthfulness and something else, Gai suddenly gave them all a thumbs up. 'Today, we shall be playing Dodge-ball!'

Setari groaned.

Devil glanced at Setari and rolled her eyes. "Cheer up. Just think of smashing up all those preps' faces." she grinned positively. But this was the horrible part - waiting to be chosen for a team.

'But with my luck, they're gonna be the ones smashing up my face!!!' Setari whisper-yelped.

'Hmm,' Gai said dramatically, scanning over the students sat before him. 'Gaara! You shall be one of our youthful captains!' Gaara, ever stoic, stood up and walked to the front, and waited. 'And...' Gai narrowed his eyes thoughtfully. 'Chad!' Gai yelled.

'It's Sado' Chad said. Gai ignored him.

'You shall be our other youthful captain! And you can begin picking teams!' Gai yelled.

Devil brought her palm up to her face and sighed. "Why did I come to this lesson?" she asked in dispare. "I could've easily said that I couldn't get back into the dorm, but no! I had to go and bloody climb through the window! All for a stupid lesson!" she complained loudly.

Chad looked at everyone with the same blank look.

Actully he was thinking!

He nodded towards a vibrant boy. He was grinning and almost stood to attention. What was his name?...


'YOSH!' Lee yelled, bounding over to Chad.

Gaara looked round, before half a smirk lifted the corner of his lips. 'Naruto.'

'DATTEBAYO!' Naruto yelled, bounding over to Gaara.

Chad frowned. He needed... wrath... Ah!


Devil glanced at Setari before nodding and standing up. She stood next to Chad and waited for Gaara to pick the next person for his team. Well, at least she wasn't last - for once.

Gaara scanned the group again. 'Shino' Shino stood and walked over to Gaara and Naruto. Naruto was pulling a face that clearly said: "Why Shino?!"

Chad wanted someone familer this time. "Ichigo..."


Setari blinked. Did he just...? {No... don't-blush-don't-blush-don't-blush!!!} She screamed in her mind as she stood up and stood beside Gaara. {EEP! He's right beside me! I should have stood the other side of Naruto, damn it. AAH!}


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