Me, Myself and I

(My, aren't I selfish?)

My name's Setari, and I live, cliff-notes version, in Hell-On-Earth. I am a total hermit, barely managing to cling onto the few friends that I have (and that makes me sound needy... Oh, well, I probably am), with absolutely no life what-so-ever.

This is why I role-play so much. It's a good distraction from my hell-hole of a life. Plus it's a form of writing, the only creative outlet I really have. I RP with my friends over MSN, generally being a hopeless-romantic, obsessive, insane fangirl (And damn proud of it, too!).

Other than role-playing, my hobbies (if you can really call them that) are writing, reading, "surfin' da net", and... daydreaming (Yeah, that counts, seeing as I probably spend a good chunk of my day staring into space, imagining I'm at Hogwarts, or Camp Half-Blood, or Talia (And if you get those referances, *HIGH-FIVE!*)).

Other interesting little facts about me (not that you're interested, but hey, if you read this far...):
- I'm crazy... And proud!
- I'm a Greek-Freak... And proud!
- I'm probably Avoidant and Schizotypal... And proud!
- I'm a bookworm... And proud!
- I'm Wiccan... And proud!




  2. "Hermits United. We get together every 10 years and swap stories about caves. It's good fun, for a hermit... So!"

    ~Devil~ ♥

  3. O-e

    Is your real name actually Setari?

    I'm just curious, because I've been using Setari as an alias online for... more than 5 years, I'm pretty sure. I randomly google'd Setari, and on the second page was this o.o. And I've also never seen it used as a girl's name either, so that was kind of a shock.

    Anyway, this is a cool site. x3.

    And I am also a hermit. >.<;; xD.